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Wet and Pissed

It's been six years since Sara and I chalked "Rix Sucks. Let Wyatt Start." at the entrance to the practice field, but I thought about it Saturday. Not because we lost, but because we almost did, to a team we should've killed. However, I'd forgotten, as had our defense apparently, that Ryan Perrilloux is damn good. Honestly, I'd forgotten that he's the only reason I knew of the existence of Jacksonville State in the first place. Even my mother, whose day at work tomorrow the Noles made way more interesting than she intended, didn't believe me when I said that was in Alabama. She assumed it was in Florida. She has apparently forgotten the defensive coordinator and head coach that played for Bama and the connections they still apparently have to the state. This is the fourth Alabama school we've played recently, and the third cupcake to have almost bitten us in the ass. The FSU/Bama game left me conflicted, but ultimately thrilled, as Charles left Tuscaloosa and I chose FSU over Bama, but damn wouldn't it haven been entertaining to see what Emily would've done if I'd gone to Bama. Ultimately, her decision would've probably not changed and my parents would own a bunch of "House Divided" stuff.

Anyway, back to the monstrosity that was Saturday. Our team doesn't just suck, Mother Nature does as well. It rained from three to seven thirty and I've never been so cold at a September game. I even skipped face paint and was contemplating why I hadn't invited Thomas to that game because the couples around me looked warmer. Where that thought came from, I have no fucking clue. I skipped halftime in search of food. I never do this. And especially not in search of warmth in September. I was also in search of sanity by half as we were losing to a team I'd planned on us killing, and doubly so since I really didn't want four quarters of rain. Fortunately, it was only pre-game and about a half of rain. The game has me so pissed I'm not even sure when it stopped raining. For a Florida school, our rain record is abysmal. I've hated rain games since USC in 1997, before the Trojan love affair began for me. We'll get to them later. Anyway, whatever half time speech was given didn't work. Our running game was ineffective and our defense no better. Perrilloux personally made a fool of our defense, running and throwing. Our secondary learned nothing from Miami and our linebackers learned that 250 pounds of quarterback is a problem. Fortunately, we blocked a kick to preserve a field goal being all we needed. Which we still didn't have with four minutes left in the game. WTF? Who is the again? What college team have I lived and did for since fifth grade and what do they do to lower division schools? Not anymore. I graduated from high school two years too late. We did finally win with two touchdowns in the last two minutes, yay for defense and long passes. Perrilloux getting sacked finally was a bonus, but damn I hate games like that. Our kicker missing the extra points on both touchdowns didn't help matters at all. We won, but we might as we have lost from the remarks I heard/said. I'm dreading next week. I'm just glad it's an away game. Two games in six days was bad enough thanks. I need time to chill, and maybe enjoy a game that won't antagonize a friend.

Tyler bitched about me going to the FSU/Miami game, but then tortured me by going to the Ohio State/USC game. Of course, he was raised an OSU fan and didn't know I liked USC until he revealed his plan when he was debating OSU/USC, some Notre Dame game, and OSU/Michigan. I told him, I'd give anything to see USC live, so what does he do? His pictures better be phenomenal or his sympathetic ear about college football is gone. Anyway, I get home cold and wet and USC's losing 10-7 at half. I get lost in a Live Journal post until about three minutes left in the game when OSU is up five and I'm thinking WTF? However, the freshman quarterback that I thought Carroll crazy for having start, lead a fourteen play victory march. I get a text from Tyler that simply says, "Nooooooo," to which I reply, "Yes!" and leave it alone. I get a text saying he's leaving and then one saying he's back and going to bed. Sunday rolls around and he wants to bitch about polls and FSU, not admit that I was right. Not that he ever does, but I usually am, see our March Madness pool for proof. I love beating guys at stuff they think they know better. They forget I'm the son my father doesn't have and enjoy the role thoroughly.
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Yay college football! Except I go to UCLA so I have to hate everything USC on principle. We won our game on Saturday, but our QB got broken jaw so he's going to be out for 3-4 games. Ugh. Just when we had a shot of not sucking this year.
I understand, and I predicted that UCLA win, but Tyler didn't like my advice on that either. I saw the QB news, hope that doesn't torpedo your season.