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Perfect Wedding and My Need for More Garnet

Vanity thy name is Mom. Apparently the way to get positive comments from my mom is to get back to my weight from the beginning of freshman year. What? How did that happen? I've lost twenty pounds and I couldn't tell you how if I tried. I assume utility bill control and being distracted out of meals helps. Anyway, now I'm hearing how good I looked at the bachelorette weekend and other wedding related things. Had to go strapless bra shopping yesterday, and it was surprisingly painless. Spent more time waiting on my cab than in the fitting room. This is amazing because bra shipping has always sucked for me and I was anticipating needing the pads from middle school to even things out. Anyway, now that I have everything, I need it to not rain so I can go to the alterations place, and then apparently the tanning bed. Mom is worried about strap marks, but if she'll pay, I'll go. Times like this I hate that it's Patrick's wedding and Mom's worried about me ruining pictures. I'm already getting manicure/pedicure/hair/make-up, and my brows waxed, but that's not new. Most of my friends won't believe the pics.

On to other things, now that the tour/summer obsession is over I'm using my crazy sleep cycle and the wonderful library hours to get some work done. I miss Night Staff/all-nighters hardcore and I need to complete the historiography from Hell soon. I finally figured out a layout, mascots and advertising instead of by chapter. Meeting with Gray next week to see where we go from here. Plus, football season creates a great light at the end of each week's tunnel as motivation. Get shit done so that I can enjoy stadium time. And speaking of football, went in Garnet and Gold yesterday just looking and discovered my icon has been redesigned.

I also want an accurate stadium shirt and a student booster shirt. Sara found a shirt for both of us.

What about Thomas you ask? Well, it seems once he sobered up what he wanted with me changed. So, we had Sexual Inquisition Part Two. Only this time, I wasn't on the defensive as much. Convincing him that I know what I want is tricky because of his past, but I might be willing to try things out. This discussion happened after he made me see red over college football. The shirt above exists for a reason. Gator fans are cocky as Hell, but with good reason unfortunately. Anyway, we left things at we'll see, but I know he doesn't want a girlfriend and he knows I can't be his sports buddy, so maybe something in between? He might need to see my t-shirt.


I need to lose some weight too, not much just a little. I wish I had the control to do it.

Love the pic too.
Yeah, normally I don't either. Exercise isn't my thing.
The second pic is fixed now. And pertinent to my last paragraph.
Ah, got it. Thanks.