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Saturday was busy. I had to go get my dress fitted, which turned into an adventure. My phone book failed me and the first address I had wasn't in downtown Tallahassee, but downtown Quincy. As such, I had to find a second shop on the fly, as I didn't have cab fare to spend on a second trip for this. Then, trying on the dress was an adventure, as I had to take apart the sash and put the dress on over my head. Add to this my heels and strapless and I was not amused. I hope that I don't regret having the dress measure to the floor, as walking could be tricky. Fortunately, there won't be a groomsman to drag to the ground if I fall, as we're having a way long processional. Speaking of processionals, I told Greer she's owe me, as this'll be the first time I've been in a church since May 2004. That's damn near impossible in the Deep South, which Tallahassee still is, much to my dismay. Anyway, realized I need to quit biting my nails or a manicure will be pointless. I do apparently occasionally have vain thoughts. Still debating the tanning though, might do that the old-fashioned way, unless the rain continues.

As for the never ending thesis, got some reading done, need to write next and reed more. I want to finish the intro by Friday, as I have a meeting with Gray on Monday and game weekends are shit for being productive. Plus, my sleep is more screwy than normal. After a summer as a slave to youtube and mp3 editing, my body finally said enough. I slept twelve hours Sunday and then my power was cut off today and so my sleep is even more out of whack. I might be making a pre-dawn trip to Strozier to write. We'll see if I'm still motivated after I straighten out my ipod playlist, or maybe not exactly, but organize at any rate. I need to finish the mascot section and start on the advertising historiography, without seeing red. Some of the mascot stuff is tough because I'm writing this paper, but I still know the warchant by heart, still do the chop, paint my face (need to retrieve glitter paint for Halloween game), and will always have a soft spot for Osceola and Renegade. Add to this the fact that Dr. Frank probably won't like my thesis, especially after our last chat, and I'm kinda twisted in knots.

As for a brief football update, FSU went to Provo and beat #7 BYU! First victory over a top 10 team in two years. Maybe now beating Florida isn't such a long shot, and Thomas will have to stop being such a shit. Didn't expect a 54-21 victory though, but yay for a recovering secondary, even if our kicker can't make extra points to save his life. Scoring on our first five possessions felt damn good. Add to this an injury to the USF QB and I might make it through this week with sanity in tact. Provided it doesn't rain during the White Out of course. I hate white t-shirts at games, but might get a Nike one and hope for clear skies. Bigger problems come from a noon start, which means being at the stadium at ten. Now I know why Em bitched about Auburn games. That's too damn early, even for a girl who bleeds garnet and gold.


Thanks, I'll need it.