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Wedding, Football, and New Orleans?

Ugh, my body hates me. My sleep is out of whack again, so I'm wide awake at 5:30am, but I had to take Valium because my meds are screwy and my hand's been tight all day. I met with Dr. Gray on Monday and he wants my intro finished ASAP, but the wedding will consume the rest of my week and I have reading to do before I can write the advertising portion of my historiography. The mascot portion is finished though, finally. Hoping I can at least finish the reading before next week, but we'll see. Might actually be sleeping on the bus, as Em's meeting me in Atlanta, with Nick on his birthday, poor him. Then we have to go to Augusta for manis and pedis for the wedding, the latter of which I desperately need, as my feet are shit and my heels are open-toed. I have managed to get out of any extraneous shopping due to a casual rehearsal dinner and having acceptable bridal luncheon clothes. Yay, but I do need to tan, my top is way to white, should have been wearing sleeveless tops and and studying on Landis, not in Strozier. If I still had my crazy creek, I'd probably be tan by now, damn it.

Anyway, my weekend was entertaining. Surprise trip by Sara to town for the game, but we mainly partied. Went to Bull's on Friday with Meg and Katie, that was interesting. I hate playing follow the leader around bars with staircases. We actually hung out on dance floor for a while and I had fun thoughts of the songs that should be playing the next time I'm on the dance floor. Shots were taken and Meg and Katie met up with old "friends". Good night over all. Until Sara dropped them off and didn't come back for a while, as her rendezvous was cut short by frat brothers arriving in town. She's lucky I was up at 5am. I paid for it later though, as I got up at nine for the game and was at the stadium to get seats at ten. Got sunburnt and dehydrated, and we lost, oh and it rained. Where did Murphy find me, and why last week? Lack of ability to defend a running quarterback, or convert at the goal line cost us dearly. Oh, and our kicker still fails at life. Why have home games sucked this year? Fortunately, our loss was small potatoes after UF's golden boy got a concussion and the whole state freaked out. They have this week off though, so he should be fine by their next game, hence me not getting the freak out. And yes, I've had a concussion, and dealing with mine was a pain in the ass, as it involved a trip to the neuro and much hovering, which I hate. This definitely colors my perception.

As for the rest of the weekend, we went out for drinks at the Painted Lady, but a Sex on the Beach is best made by your truly, Tally bartenders fail. Also, Sara and I are planning a trip to New Orleans for my birthday, possibly instead of Gainesville at Thanksgiving. The timing of the trip with depend on when I get the CD I'm awaiting. I hope I can pre-order, but am broke now. This should be fun, as Sara's never really been and I'm always up for playing tour guide and finally having a fellow history geek to go to cemeteries and the WWII museum with, doing that with the fam resulted in Twenty Questions about D-Day. Fortunately for them, I knew the answers. And the timing of this discussion was amusing as pics of Adam Lambert surfaced (with facial hair, never seen so much fandom drama ever) from his New Orleans trip, including a Hand Grenade container from the Tropical Isle, only my favorite drink on Bourbon St. I love hurricanes, but prefer mine from scratch, not Pat O'Brien's mix. Yes, too many Mardi Gras has made me picky, but I'm worse about King Cake. And on the food front, Sara and I discussed frying a turkey for Thanksgiving, which apparently Emily wants to do as well. I wish I still has the Emeril Thanksgiving special I watched years ago. Anyway, Thanksgiving could be an adventure this year, with a fabulous soundtrack. ;-)