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Writer's Block: Who's your BFF?

Who is your oldest friend (i.e., the friend you have known the longest)? How often do you see or talk to each other? Do your close friends tend to stay the same year after year or change over time?

That would be Bryan, who I'm missing right now. We've known each other since 5th grade and he's the reason I'm an FSU fan and student. We talk whenever, his schedule is a nightmare and he answers texts/e-mails better. I've been the single one while he's had a string of girlfriends and a fiancee. I get to be the voice of reason and the crying shoulder, and he does the same for me. We never follow the advice we give. As for why I'm missing him now, it's football season and he hasn't been to a game in Tally in ages. The last two years we've met up in Atlanta for our birthday. And as much as I'm loving the idea of NOLA with Sara, I'm now contemplating ATL the weekend after our bday. Will have to see 2012 later maybe. Need to return his Wall post.


My female BFF and I didn't meet until college, as my hs female BFF and I don't talk anymore.