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Girl Time and Rehearsal Events

It's been a while since I posted anything of substance, but I have a whole lot of stuff to document from wedding to football to fandom. Not putting it all in one entry though. First up, now that Greer is back from her honeymoon and has changed her info on Facebook, I should probably tell you what happens when you do weddings whirlwind weekend style. Seriously, I got on a bus to Atlanta at 7:30am Thursday, got on my return bus at 4:30pm Sunday. In between, I got nails done, went to a bridal luncheon, went to a rehearsal dinner, got hair and makeup done, and attended a wedding and reception. Chaos, in a house with a five and seven year old who get up way too early and think I sleep way too late.

Anyway, got to Atlanta at lunch time on Thursday and my sister greets me with lunch at The Varsity. That was awesome, even if the barbecue sandwiches are gone and I had to get chicken salad. The onion rings and chocolate shake made up for it. After that, we drove to Augusta in time for nail appointments. First time I've had my nails done as an adult, also first time since the last wedding I was in. As I type this, my toes are still a perfect burgundy, which will acquire a coat of gold glitter polish when the Halloween game rolls around, and my hands have a peeling French manicure, just paint, no tips. This was drama because we were under the impression that since it being made to seem mandatory, that it was paid for in advance, or at least Em thought that. I was less surprised though. After nails was dinner and me imparting knowledge to the happy couple. Greer said she refused to let Patrick do some household chore (dish duty/bed making) and I looked at her with mock horror and said don't do that again. If he offers, let him help, even if he screws up and you have to redo it. I neglected to tell her this is practice for having kids, but I did tell her that my mom would give the same advice. The rest of that night was uneventful, as the bridesmaid luncheon was at 11am the next morning and we had to retrieve our dresses from being steamed before then.

The bridesmaid luncheon was introduction to a new brunch drink and more of everyone likes to play with Kate's hair. The drink in question was cranberry juice and champagne, or a Red Rooster. Very yummy, but never heard of it before. Lunch was chicken caesar salad/shrimp and grits, I chose the former, and chocolate mousse. More yummy. Our gifts were given to us later, with Greer standing behind each of us explaining why we were chosen for the wedding first. That was when I became impromptu Barbie. It was all good though. We got earrings for the wedding as well as other small stuff, lotion, kleenex, notepads, mints etc. all very cute. After the luncheon, Em and I went with Katherine and the people at her house to deliver alcohol to the rehearsal dinner site. As I'm useless with heavy items, I was on kid duty for a while, but it was surreal to be back at my prom venue. After we dropped off supplies, we went back to chill and await my parents arrival, which also meant the arrival of my pants for the dinner. They arrived just in time for my stuff to be ironed before the rehearsal.

Talk about surreal, back in a church for the first time in four years, and walking down the aisle with a guy, not a torch or crucifer, now bowing or genuflecting either, weird. Anyway, rehearsal was relatively painless as the second run through was nixed. Funny though was when the wedding coordinator asked the groomsmen if any of them had been acolytes. They all said no, but the church candles would be lit anyway. I've never lit, but I do know snuffing procedure. That was all amusing because the first groomsman they asked about this? He's Jewish. Cue laughing from everyone. Anyway, after all this, we were free to go eat, drink and be merry. Which we did. The food was fabulous. Pork tenderloin/Low Country boil after appetizers that included honey mustard chicken skewers and hummus/crackers. This was topped by cheese cake and chocolate martinis. Best dessert ever. My mother had prepared a slideshow that induced tears and speeches were said that induced more, from others. Even the speech from Patrick made me tear up, which I told him later. We managed to end the night without any trouble due to alcohol consumption. The same could not be said of the wedding night.