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war paint

Wedding and Reception

Ok, so wedding day began with hair and makeup sessions after gathering shoes, dresses, etc. to take to the church. The hairdressers had lots of fun with my hair. Tons of ringlets and about a dozen bobby pins in my hair for a half up-do. Not my thing ever. I prefer my hair all the way up. Plus, I was the only one that didn't need her hair recurled before the ceremony. Next was makeup, and none of this group has ever seen me in makeup, that's fun. The smoky tones and mascara on my already jet black lashes? Looks amazing apparently. So many people assume I wear makeup anyway, that when I really do, it's a little overwhelming. Once everyone was done, we headed over to the church for what seemed like a zillion pics of us getting ready, then formal pics. Barely any of which I've seen, and some were awkward, to me anyway. We had orange lilies for our flowers, long stems, so they were cradled in one arm rather than carried upright. This made pictures kinda tricky, and as the tallest bridesmaid, I moved a lot.

After pictures, we went and chilled before the ceremony was to start at which time we went to the bridal room in back of the sanctuary. The processional was long with grandmother, moms, and us. However, I managed to get down the aisle and to my spot, in heels, without falling. Brandon will never know it, but that has more to do with acolyte autopilot than him. Carrying a crucifer in a robe that's too long is great for trusting that putting one foot in front of the other works. Plus, I found my parents in the congregation during the processional and from the alter. As for the ceremony, short and sweet, no funky stuff, just a unity candle. Unlike the dreadfully long vows from the last wedding I was in. After the ceremony, we waited on the limo before heading over to the reception with just the girls and Patrick in the limo. Interesting comments about his actually being married, WTF, holy shit!

Got to the reception and bustled dresses before going inside where I asked Mom to retrieve the flip flops I'd given her earlier. It never happened, so after making initial rounds, saw Betty for the first time in a while, told her my apartment misses having a maid in my life. I miss having my love life confidante, which she didn't ask me about. She did reveal that she's now married to Raymond. :-O Took pics of Em, Patrick, Betty and I. After that I was free to get food (chicken fingers, crab cakes and wine) and chill. Talked to Larry and Wendy, Thomas and his stepdad, an FSU grad and museum curator. We commiserated about the season, and I updated him on the BC game score I had. Later, I missed the cake cutting losing a trivia battle with a nine year old. Need to catch up on SI and Sports Center and shouldn't have stopped the Michael Jordan questions, but when I knew his high school and had watch the Hall of Fame ceremony that was good enough for Price. Erica is so going to owe me later. I did dance later to disco and more current stuff. Heard YMCA for the first time in ages, kinda surreal after seven summers of it as a kid. Last time I think was summer 2000 in Yankee Stadium. Anyway, I had a blast and didn't ruin my night, other than the Noles losing. Nick unfortunately did and incurred Em's wrath for embarrassing her while puking. After drinking with the parents in New Orleans, they know she's not the best at alcohol control either. She needed to chill, and I wasn't in the mood to go out after the wedding due to the weird vibes between them. Plus, no Bryan in town makes going out in Augusta less of a good idea. I just went home and crashed, as it had been a supremely long day ending with sparklers and bubbles for the sendoff.

The next morning as we were packing to head to Atlanta, I finally found out honeymoon details, a week in Playa del Carmen. All I brought back was cups, no extra food, as can't go Greyhound with wine and Hershey dark chocolate isn't my fav. Also, apparently having your dad bring your bags into the Greyhound station made the ticket counter think I was an ADA patron, what? She could've asked me instead of creating unnecessary drama. Weird. Anyway, I got back to Tally late and crashed. That was a chaotic weekend I do not wish to repeat soon. Fortunately, I won't have to, as Em and Nick still have a ways to go.


Wow, action packed. Sounds like fun.
It was, but busy and not much sleep.

Where's you're icon from?
Last week's episode, Solitary. Have you seen it?
Yeah, but it hasn't been iconned to death yet, so I don't know shirtless Elliot frame-by-frame. ;-)