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war paint

Early Morning Ramble

My body hates me. I had a partial seizure about an hour ago. I think I missed a dose somewhere, but am too close to needing more Keppra and Carbatrol to be able to compensate right now. This means that my plan to write my entire conclusion today may not happen. However, I did finish the intro from Hell on Tuesday. Haven't heard back from Gray since I e-mailed it to him though. Hoping to meet with him Monday, so we can finalize my defense. I'd like to be able to look for a job more thoroughly. Did apply for two positions this week not really expecting that to pay off though. I need a job soon though or I have to move to Mobile and sublet after graduation, the thought of which breaks my heart. :'(

On a lighter note, my journal's been public for ages, but I have a question for my readers. Would friends locking it change the likelihood of commenting on entries for any of you? I don't mean to sound like a comment whore, but I get so few comments that I can't even tell who reads my stuff.


And you think all of my commments are perfection? Not a chance! Say what you want.
I feel better now...sorta. Thanks for the luck, I'll need it. As for random passersby, I don't even get those. :-(

I read your stuff. I may not always comment, though. But if you have a filter for college football, southern stuff and Adam, put me on it ASAP. ;)
No college football filter, that is inflicted on the public. Adam filter's getting updated soon. And bitching about the game last week.
I read your journal entries! (I actually really doubt that you even know who I am, I sat by you in Chris Bell's Religions of South Asia class at FSU in... 05/06?) I know I probably sound like a total creeper now, but I went on an LJ hiatus for a couple of years and when I started reading again, you're still on my friends list. I think you're a great writer and your entries are interesting so I still read. Sorry I never comment, but I figured you'd be like Who-T.F. is that?!
Actually, Shannon, I do remember you, and your hiatus.
Haha awesome :)