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war paint

GT Game, Thesis, Possible Job

Ok, game tomorrow, no game last weekend, guess it's time to relive the Georgia Tech game. I swear to God, if we don't find a defense soon, we'll lose Homecoming and get plastered by Florida. We spent the entire FSU/GT game playing what Sara dubbed musical endzones. Meaning we'd score, then they'd counter. The entire first half. We were lucky to be up at half 35-28, but that didn't last long, as they received to open the half, and had tied the game before the 13:00 mark. GT took the lead just before the quarter ended at 42-38, but we ended up losing 49-44. Scoring 44 points is evidence that the offense isn't the problem for the first time this decade, but we now have our worst record in probably two decades at 2-4 and the head of the Board of Trustees is calling for Bobby's head on a silver platter. There were signs at the game supporting him, but the students seem to be divided. Personally, I think it's his call when he retires, and calling for him to step down won't expedite the process. Bobby's scared to retire because of what happened to Bear and I hate to think that's why he's stayed so long, but I know that's at least part of it.

As far as the rest of life, my thesis is finished and sent to the committee. First revisions and defense to come. So damn happy to have the thing written. Kinda scared of what Gray will do to it. Hoping it's not much, as I still have citations to insert. Ordering my cap and gown this week as well, graduation's finally starting to seem real. I don't have a permanent job lined up, but a temp agency called and I might be making phone calls for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for their next fundraiser. That interview was fun, much of it was 20 questions about my rings, a claddagh, gecko, and kokopelli, the latter of which is great fun to explain. Oh, and since when do I turn my room inside out looking for boot socks and get mad when I read the mail. First thing on the inside of my Vera catalog? An espresso clutch, which I desperately need, as I have no dressy brown purse. Since when did I care about this? Where is my jeans, t-shirt, no bags self? And can I have here back? I put on a ribbed turtleneck sweater and boots with my jeans and full jewelry to go to the library and write because I planned to go to the on-campus Chilis to celebrate when I finished. I finished, I went, I didn't get carded, but the Pats game wasn't on when I got there. Still not sure why I dressed up.