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Not Graduating

Got a phone call at 11:00 tonight from my dad end a slightly hellacious couple of days on the thesis front. I am officially not actually graduating at the end of this semester. I say actually because I have to format, revise and defend my thesis in the next few weeks, but it'll be after the deadline for Fall graduation. I'm just glad Gray decide today on mid-November instead of the early December idea he had Thursday. I need to be done by Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy New Orleans and the album I will be inflicting on Sara unless she wants me in my own little world. She did like the first single, whose debut was the only thing that kept me from crumbling after both parents reduced me to tears last night. Do they know how much it kills me to be bitched at about money when I just got another job rejection from the temp agency and haven't worked since January? There are some things beyond my control, unless they want to let evil Kate play hardball with a neurologist, or have they forgotten part of why I moved to Florida to begin with? Anyway, hopefully being in touch with a temp agency will net me some actual money soon that is not the result of a cap and gown refund.


Dude that blows. :(
Delicate isn't Zoey's middle name huh? And yeah, you're right. I wanted to graduate to increase my chances of finding the ever elusive job.
No, my middle name is Adams. ;)

I understand your anxiousness to graduate to find work, even with an internship I want to find paid work. I fear that might not be possible at this time with the economy sucking right now though.
Good to know. Yeah, I'd be willing to volunteer/intern just to get some experience.
That's what I keep telling myself to keep me in perspective. That and it keeps me busy.
I'm so sorry this situation is happening to you. :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a job really soon! :)
It's ok, some major profs are clunkers, mine just happens to be one. Lesson in prof eval if I ever start itching for didactic classes again and am looking at a Ph.D.
Oh, yes, professors are one of the most important factors in choosing a PhD program! Definitely. :)
Yeah, that and figuring out something I can write 250 pages on. Oh, and brushing up my French and probably learning German, as I need back into Modern European military history stat. Shouldn't have turned my back on War and Society and Grant so quickly, kicking self now...
I am so sorry hun. I hope things turn around soon. *hugs*
Thanks. :-)

Re: !!!!!!