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Camp Part 1

Oh boy, it's been a crazy two weeks. I left on the 27th expecting to be in NC until July, but I'm back in Augusta already. I got to NC on the 27th, took First Aid/CPR on Friday. Then family weekend began. The barn was a mess because we had several sick horses and a new manager with only one other stable hand with me. After one full day of work, I was moved to regular staff because of some negative comments including saying that a horse that was being ridden had pink eye, and being frustrated because I got my toe clipped by one horse who also wouldn't let me lead him. So, on Sunday, I began regular training. We sat through endless lectures and played crazy games. Plus, we had to take a swim test, mine was at 7:30am...yikes! Tuesday we took classes to see what we could teach. I did crafts, tie-dying a shirt and making a clay candle holder. I need to see if I can get my candle holder mailed/given to me. Wednesday we had our cabin campout...very interesting, lots of sex talk and almost everyone got chiggers. Thursday we got our division assignments. I got Division 2, the older traditional camp kids.

Friday was when the trouble started. After dinner we had an international game night with cricket and rugby. I was fine during the cricket, but the during the rugby match I collided with a fellow counselor. I fell and my ankle turned, I heard it pop. I hobbled off the field and a counselor went to the health center. He came back and wrapped my ankle and I went to my cabin. The next morning it still hurt, but I wasn't that worried. That night, after finding out my cabin assignment and my co-counselor, Maria. I had a seizure late that night, but didn't go to the health center because it was late. Big mistake. The next morning I got called down for not turning in my Valium. After breakfast, I told the nurse about my seizure. She freaked. At lunch, I was told that I was being removed from my cabin and assigned to kitchen staff. So, after moving my stuff, I went to talk to the kitchen manager. I told her I would let her know if I planned to stay.