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Thesis, Birthday and Sports

I'm in Mobile for the weekend, trying to finish the thesis from Hell. I can't get internet on my laptop, so having to go back and forth between it and my mom's computer. Have the bibliography done save one citation and checking a few others, but need to do abstract and acknowledgements. I've called manuscript clearance three times for different things to make sure this is right before my defense on Wednesday. Reading sample abstracts is next, as acknowledgements are optional and therefore have less format.

As for the rest of my week, my birthday was fun after a little towing scare. Went to dinner at Samrat with Rachel, 'tis becoming a birthday tradition. Thought about Masa, but I was broke, and so was she. I might need to ask to go to Stix tomorrow night, as Manci's was yummy last night, but not my choice. I did get more gifts though. A crap load of money, NOLA's gonna be great! And the music on my iPod for the trip? Even better if Em delivers my bday gift soon. Unless I decide I need a hard copy at midnight after the AMAs. However, first, I plan to see 2012 this weekend, hopefully tonight, as tomorrow will be football. The FSU season has sucked so hard that the game is on at 11am on ESPNU. That will require going somewhere to watch it, which Daddy and I discussed at 3am. He slept through my music snippet fest, but woke up ready to talk NFL relocation and NBA. WTF, he never wants to talk basketball now. The news of the day isn't the Lakers being in first place, but rather LeBron wants to change his number to honor Michael Jordan. Apparently having MJ show up at your games sparks something, who knows. I'd love to see him succeed in getting the number retired, but I don't see it happening. Too many players wearing the number now.


Glad you had some fun on your birthday. I was thinking about you.

Now that Bama's got a spot in the SEC championship, the rest of the games aren't going to be as exciting. However, I'll take a boring game to what us Bama fans had to endure on Sat against LSU.
I like boring. ;-)
Good luck on the thesis! I know how terrifying that can be.