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Bad Thesis News

That thesis thing I was supposed to defend this week? Didn't happen. A meeting with Dr. Gray on Wednesday and Dr. Frank today clarified things. They want my paper better organized and my argument more coherent and transparent. This might mean rearranging chapters/combining them in addition to topic sentences and removing the historiography from the intro. I need to go back and look at my conclusion, as I think my ideas are more clearly explained there despite having written the intro after the body. As such, no new date has been set and I have no idea when I'm graduating now. Need to self-delete with the Dean's office when I send Dr. Upchurch an e-mail. Anyway, I apparently have a long way to go, and if I want to save money, a short time to get there. Whomever figures out the lyric I just used knows one of my favorite movies ever. Random though it might be. ;-)


I'm sorry. *hugs*
Thanks, it's been a rough week. The album stream saved my sanity, no lie.
Thanks. I'll post an update when I have better news.