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Two Part Entry

Written Tuesday night: I've been keeping a journal since I was sixteen, but this might be my first ever hand written entry. I'm on a bus to Pensacola that's broken down outside Panama City. Biloxi's been canceled, but Sara and I are still going to NOLA tomorrow. After I watch The Early Show, that is. After all the drama of the last few days, not missing Adam Lambert live.

Written Thursday morning: I got into Pensacola at 4:20am on Wednesday morning after sitting in a church parking lot from roughly 8:30pm-2:00am waiting on a new bus. The attempt to fix the old bus failed. It was nine quarts low on transmission fluid and had begun to burn up some pump in the process. Epic maintenance fail and the driver should've turned around when we were forty minutes outside Tally and he first noticed a problem. Then, we'd have been an hour and a half or two late, not five. Oh and for those who care about such things, Sara and I sat on the floor of her apartment at 5:00am and watch the AMA vid because she doesn't watch Idol, but had heard FYE and had tried to Google the vid to no avail. However, she did find the Access Hollywood interview and was impressed. Will report back after she watched The Early Show later. I watched it live, but need to see it again. Whataya Want From Me sounded better on Letterman, And Music Again threw me for a loop. Wasn't expecting that to be the second song, but not sure what I did expect. I'm just thrilled that performance happened at all. Longer Adam entry awaits my filter, as I got very board on the bus.


IKR? I don't usually get stressed as a fan, but the last two weeks have been nothing but drama. I hope he's with Neil and Leila somewhere.