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Camp Part 2

Ok, so now I'm up to Sunday afternoon, after my chat with Jan. My ankle was hurting, so I went to the health center to see if I could ice and elevate it until dinner. When Carrie unwrapped it, she was surprised by the amount of bruising and told me she thought it might be broken, Ryan confirmed it. So, after dinner we went to Brevard to get it x-rayed. The nurses were right, I have a spiral break of my fibula in the ankle region. My ankle was wrapped in a splint and I was given crutches...shudder. I was carried into the health center that night and tried to contact Mom and Daddy knowing they were in Dallas on their anniversary trip. I couldn't reach them until Monday when they were flying home. When they discovered what had happened, my parents came straight from Atlanta and picked me up. Greg talked to my dad and told him he'd definitely consider me for next summer.