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I never thought I'd see the day when I was convincing Sara to buy a ticket to an FSU home game, but that's just what happened Homecoming weekend. That game was at noon because a shitty season means Kate gets zero sleep to support the team. We didn't go out, but we didn't get to the stadium super early either. I still got a good seat, but the game was nightmarish. We won, not a given on Homecoming against NC State, but it wasn't easy. We scored twice late for a 45-42 win. Much like the GT game, lots of offense, no defense. Normally I like that, but not this year.

The last home game of my collegiate career was not nearly as emotional as I'd anticipated. Partly because I'm not graduating until Spring and will be here for the Garnet and Gold game and partly because the game was hella stressful. Won 29-26 on a last minute touchdown. Never have I been so glad to be bowl-eligible in my life. Normally that's a given, not a worry. Six wins isn't the goal, ten or more is. We almost lost to 2-8 Maryland and had on hideous uniforms to boot. It was Seminole Tribe week, so we had black helmets and black feathers on our garnet jerseys. It looked a bit too Atlanta Falcons for my taste. However, we got an awesome halftime surprise when Dr. Tommy Wright conducted the fight song, which he wrote in 1950. I heard him play it in my freshman year music class, but only after we begged and it was the last day of class. In addition to this, it was Mickey Andrews's last game at Doak, so he was honored and planted the speared at the fifty. Osceola almost fell off passing the spear to him. Yes, this former rider notices stuff like that.

Anyway, given the way the season went, I was glad I skipped the trip to Gainesville, as another loss, with those ticket prices, wasn't what I needed. Even if it was surreal to be with the fam for Thanksgiving weekend. I did kinda miss celebrating Thanksgiving and then saying peace out to go be in a football stadium. Instead, I sat in silence as Mom, Daddy, and Em stressed over the Iron Bowl, knowing that my Alabama fan self would be thrilled if they were furious. Em doesn't understand how I'm still a Bama fan, but old habits die hard and if Saban and company can beat Florida, I'll be thrilled. Need to e-mail Charles to celebrate. Especially after the Hell that was the Florida game. It was 37-10 and it wasn't ever close. We were playing Trivial Pursuit before it was over. My parents now know that playing against Sara and I is dangerous because a History degree comes with the ability to remember lots of useless shit. When Emily played with Sara and I the first time, we said that they had brought this on themselves by paying for college. ;-)


I was glad to see they scored 10 points against the Gators. Of course, it was at the Swamp, so just one more advantage for the Gators. *eyeroll*

I'm afraid that's how the SEC championship's going to go next week. *is cautiously optimistic*
I've seen a win at The Swamp, but it was 2003. I hope Bama wins the SEC Championship, but they'll need to step it up to beat Tebow and co.