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Thesis, Lucky Shots and New Orleans

It's cold and rainy and I slept too late today to go to the library. And as mrsmaggiemae pointed out on Twitter, Strozier's not open all night yet. I have however started looking at the edited copy of my thesis Dr. Upchurch sent. *gasp* Actual help and an encouraging note as well. I did have to transcribe his notes though because his chicken scratch is the worst. And after that, still need to actually talk to him and get more info. He wants more sources and footnotes that I've never done. I want to get a new intro finished this week, so that family drama doesn't ensue. If I skip Birmingham and Atlanta, life will not go well. Plus, I want to see Bryan if I have to tolerate Atlanta relatives. Can't believe it's been almost a year since we saw each other. Totally should've gone to Atlanta for my birthday. Especially since trips to Mobile have become less desirable. Daddy had me in tears on Sunday, but had the good sense to chill on the drive back to Tallahassee. Of course my having the good sense to burn a copy of For Your Entertainment for him helped. How our favorite song is the same, I have no idea, but Mom would not approve. Oh and discussing Down The Rabbit Hole? Very funny. We both came to the what were they smoking conclusion. I told him I was only leaving the CD if he liked it. He left town with it still in his car. ;-) Nice little break from fandom Hell. Unfortunately, we found parking Hell in Tally, as my mom has my parking sticker on her car. Had to park at Kleman Plaza after checking all the on campus options. Fortunately, I live two blocks from there. This meant he set up my computer, we ate Chinese food, cleaned my apartment, and watched the Pats/Saints game. He enjoyed, I didn't, as he's a Saints fan now. Saints are still undefeated though. He's finally figured out what I learned long ago, rooting for a winning team is fun.

Speaking of which, now that I can watch ESPN guilt-free, tonight's Lakers game was amazing. Last second bank shots are awesome and Kobe hit one tonight to win. When one of the league's best says he just got lucky, you realize that it is definitely better to be lucky than good on occasion. That makes eight in a row and preserves the league's best record, which after last year's Cavs/Lakers fight for homecourt, every game matters, even before Christmas. Which reminds me, I need to see if the Lakers are on Christmas Day because I think they are. Normally it's Finals rematch time. And yes, I do watch basketball on Christmas Day, My family knows that's a battle they won't win. They discovered this back when it was MJ and the Bulls around whom the day revolved. And since I don't expect gift opening to take long this year, I will be watching.

As for the fun part of my trip last week, New Orleans without the parents is fun. I was exhausted all day courtesy of the bus ride from Hell, but it was worth it. Went to the WWII museum and saw the film in the brand new theater with vibrating chairs. It was good even if being in a dark room by then was a bad idea. Need to see it again so that I'm not half awake. Did the fastest tour through the actual museum ever. However, it was worth it to get lunch at Parasol's and text Emily while there. Roast beef po'boys are yummy. Dinner, not so yummy. There are reasons I don't like buffets and the bland Cajun food I had at Harrah's is why. I won't argue with free though. Next, was the shortest trip to Bourbon Street ever. The Tropical Isle is closed due to fire damage and good jazz was just not happening. I did go in the replacement bar to get my Hand Grenade though. Sara was amazed I finished mine first, as that usually never happens. After drinks, we headed back to the hotel and went the full impact of the drink hit, she fell asleep. I was merely less tense reading AMA news. The next morning, we went to Cafe du Monde and Jackson Square, which was kinda freaky with everything closed. After talking to a jazz musician on the Moon Walk, and getting a CD, we left to head back to Mobile for Thanksgiving, which was fabulous. It was a good trip, and I can't wait to go back. Might actually go before Mardi Gras, after Greer and Patrick move.


He didn't like all of it, but enough to keep it. Still deciding what my mom should hear. She's more into Kris's type of music.

And yeah, NOLA's always fun, even when there's nothing going on.