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Computer trouble and Early Christmas

My laptop died tonight, I think. After it crashed twice with cursor-lock, the screen did something wacky and and now won't work at all. I used my desktop monitor to transfer data and am getting it looked at tomorrow, but I have a feeling another Ewing family laptop is about to become target practice. Apparently, this is what the one that Em and Nick are taking to Cullman did before it died. I called Daddy more than a little annoyed and he told me he'd mail me one of the spares, but he likes my old one too much. It's apparently his main computer now and is too heavy and runs too hot to be an actual laptop. No idea how long I'll have the desktop only for though.

As for other family news, the parents and Em are going to Birmingham without me. I'm going to Atlanta on Saturday and meeting up with Bryan before dealing with extended family. Score one for asserting myself and playing the library hours card. I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like though due weather and auras. Loads of reading doesn't happen while Valium is in one's system. As such, I have reading to do today and laundry. Hoping it warms up some. My bus ride on Saturday will be freezing though.


Poor baby! My desktop @ home is about to suffer the same fate, I fear.

Stay warm tomorrow! Have a good Xmas, and a pretty!
Thanks, I hope so.