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adam car

Busy Weekend

It's pouring rain and I woke early because my bedroom was too cold. I need to go to the library and the bookstore, but I'd rather not feel like crap when I do so. My sinuses have been horribly congested despite medication and fluids. Add to this being on my period and life kinda sucks right now. I'm not making much thesis progress either because Dr. Frank and Dr. Upchurch can't agree on a direction for my research to go, so I've read everything from Indian gaming to professional mascots to communes living in tipis. I'm making yet another trip to the library today to find books on white perception of American Indians. I told them when my defense was canceled that I needed direction, but I'm getting confusion, not cohesion. I need to reconstruct my introduction and probably part of chapter 3. However, I've been delayed because I had a second computer crash Monday night, my desktop. Fortunately, my dad managed to fix my laptop, so no extra target practice for Emily.

As for the fun in my life lately, a third trip out of town in thirty days resulted in the reunion I wanted at my birthday, but not without drama. I slept through my phone going dead on the bus and couldn't contact Bryan once I reached Atlanta. I frantically called my family, who proceeded to not answer their phones. I then was going to catch a cab to Grandmom's when Bryan showed up. I'd been afraid to leave the station because I wasn't sure there were phones outside if he wasn't there. I was a bit freaked out. First thing we did was bought a charger for my phone, in the only two-story Target I've ever been in. Then we went to a deli and got heavenly Cuban sandwiches. Makes me want to go to Gordos. After that, we went to his apartment and chilled because Emily was broken down outside of town, so my parents weren't going to be in town until her car was repaired. Fortunately, Bryan didn't care and Tina was occupied with a friend's wedding details. We had some fun with his iTunes, especially after we had talked Idol and I found Gary Jules' "Mad World" on his playlist. Yes, this led to him listening to Adam, but FYE is so not his type of music that I won't push it. Our friendship is definitely based on sports love, not music. After the musical interlude, we watched the Heisman ceremony and commiserated over Bobby leaving/resigning, which a whole other entry. We were both happy Ingram won. Not long after that we headed to Grandmom's and he met everybody, which is kinda scary, but they got that he's just a friend, especially after he revealed that he and Tina are buying a condo together, which is gorgeous, and makes me jealous. However, that gives me an excuse for a spring or summer trip to Atlanta to see the new digs, as I saw moving boxes this trip.

As for the rest of my whirlwind visit, I skipped the white elephant gift-giving portion of the evening and barely spoke to my extended family, but that was just fine. Bedtime was interesting because my mother makes nasty assumptions on where Nick should sleep. I would've gladly taken the couch if he or Emily had said what they really wanted. Instead, after I was dressed and packed for my early bus, I got orders to send Nick upstairs. *rolls eyes* I got to the bus station fine and back to Tallahassee in one piece, but wasn't awake enough to negotiate my refund. Need to do that today as well. So glad my next trip doesn't involve a bus. Long trips are getting tiring.


Two-story Target. *is jealous*
Yeah, tell me about it.