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war paint

I've been tasked with test-running another computer before I go back to Tallahassee, as Daddy tried to fix my desktop and failed, so this is a second attempt. As for my laptop, I'm in laptop hell, with the final straw on the old one coming Christmas morning. Apparently Santa thinks I don't deserve a laptop. Newsflash, that's not negotiable. A co-worker of my dad's has an old one he might give/sell him. So, I may be testing another new computer tomorrow. As for the rest of my holiday, it was good, but busy. I should've come into town closer to Christmas and worked out leaving more carefully. Greyhound changed the schedule going from Mobile/Pensacola to Tallahassee and that bus is now majorly inconvenient. As such, I'll be watching NYE coverage from my parents' house, not my apartment. 2am live stream in the garage is not my idea of fun, but it's a necessary evil. Told Daddy he can watch Auburn play in peace because I'll be sleeping unless Adam vids appear on You Tube at a reasonable hour.

Football at 10am is optional, 12pm is not. This is when the FSU game starts and due to the fuckwads on the Board of Trustees, it's Bobby Bowden's last game, and not his choice. Forcing a legend to resign is bullshit and I hope Jimbo Fisher fails and the Trustees have to eat their words. One more season wouldn't have done anymore damage than has already been done. And Bobby is pissed enough that he's leaving Tallahassee. That should never have had to happen. If Jimbo can't win in Bobby's shadow, he doesn't deserve the job. However, this idiocy did get FSU a Gator Bowl bid we didn't deserve, so I'll take it. Too bad I couldn't go. Would've loved New Year's in Jacksonville with Tyler rather than in Mobile. Plus, Tyler's not coming back to Florida until March now. So mad I missed him last time he was in town. Totally amused my dad thought Tyler was Thomas. Nope, the latter I've barely spoken to lately because he's in Boston again. Plus, computer hell means no Yahoo messenger and barely working AIM. I need a working computer ASAP.


Thanks, I hope so, NYE has seen my comp crash 3x already. Def not watching Adam on it. In fact, using the comp that my dad has hooked to the big screen.