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2009 National Champs!

ROLL TIDE! It's been seventeen years, God only knows how many coaches and pissed off boosters, and one trip to campus for yours truly, but Alabama finally has another title. This means they are no longer tied with Notre Dame and have the most titles in college football history at thirteen. Yes, I know trivia like this despite having not been a hardcore fan since Gene Stallings was fired. Anyway, tonight's game was interesting. A Texas injury to Colt McCoy early screwed up their offense for the first half and Alabama went up 24-6 thanks to an INT right before half. This sent my dad through the roof an caused me to ask him if he really wanted Bama to win or not. He wanted a close game, which after a 3rd quarter that saw no scoring, he got his close game. Bama playing way too conservative led to their lead shrinking to 24-21 before Alabama scored twice to close out the game. Daddy got the close game he wanted and I got the victory I wanted. Additionally talked to Charles twice while Daddy was pissing me off and I needed a Bama partisan. Thank God for Bama fans in my life. Might need him to find me a souvenir, hmmm.


Roll Tide!!!

Fuck yeah.