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My Defense of Tiger Woods

I know this is late and it's been a while since I did sports controversy, but here goes. Tiger Woods is an idiot, but that doesn't mean I'll quit following his career. Emily called the cheating at Thanksgiving and then gloated at Christmas. I said his issues were between he and Elin and that when he returned to golf I'd resume following him. My being a woman doesn't make me come down harder on cheaters, sorry. I was surprised by what Tiger did, both the initial incident and the cheating, until I found out the accident was at 2am, not 6-7am like I thought. However, I don't judge on-field and off-field incidents the same. You can be a douche and win a title and we're cool. This is a piece I made at 16 when Peter Warrick was caught basically stealing and I still supported his playing so that FSU would win the title. I did a similar thing years later in the face of Kobe Bryant's rape accusation.

That's the situation that the Tiger issue reminds me of, as once the image is shattered, it takes time to repair. He'll need to actually take some time off, but still play all the majors this year to demonstrate that he's not going to be broken by his mistakes. It's probably in another blog, but I watched Kobe fly back and forth to Colorado for court and then play games in LA. It was the only peace he got as the media ripped him apart. Tiger will have to find his own peace amid the chaos before he can get back to his winning ways, as well as rebuilding his public image. However, given the British Open he won after his father died and the US Open he won injured, I think it can be done. Also, he issued a statement, but he'll have to get on camera and speak before America will forgive. Who knows when he'll do that, but it should be before his next tournament I think. Tiger may have taken a great first step today though, hence my blog, as he pledged $3 million in medical supplies towards the Haitian relief efforts. If this donation goes through, it'll be a great first step. Add an interview to that and he can begin to demonstrate that he's not the ass everyone thinks. His first girlfriend said his parents' marriage was a wreck, so his role model was a lousy husband if a great Green Beret. Balancing career, family and image is apparently something Woods men suck at, but he's about to learn that the hard way. That you have to live the image you present, if you don't, the public won't trust you. I'll be waiting to see what happpens at the Masters, hopefully in person. Would love to see Tiger get Green Jacket number five as proof that his life isn't in the ruins the media thinks it is. Success and time will be the key. Kobe's the NBA's golden boy again after winning an MVP, gold medal, and a title in the last two years. And I'd love to see Tiger make people like Emily realize that his career and life is his, not the public's. She dislikes him because earlier on he didn't give every local Augusta kid that wanted one an autograph. It was all I could do to not blast her with the Twitter line of the summer, "Entitlement is not sexy," which she wouldn't get, but she needs to hear, along with the rest of America.

Oh, and a plea to the teams and stars I follow and the media that cover them? Could I please stop having to be defense lawyer, PR person, and reality check all at once. From the Criminoles on up, I've been honing these skills for a decade. It gets old, but I can't watch my favorites get torn to shread just because they're famous.