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Thesis Update

Why does every meeting with my professors leave me more confused? Yesterday's meeting with Dr. Upchurch yielded a few good points, such as the Native American mascot chapter needs fleshing out and the Aunt Jemima section needs trimming. He also wants a clearer thesis question and an abstract. How did I write an entire paper without being able to articulate my research point? I'm better than this. I started with just the FSU research, which expanded to other colleges and high schools and then to advertising. That was the mistake. Advertising should've never been added, but too late now. I should've organized my committee earlier and met with Dr. Gray more. Then I would've known to meet with Frank sooner. As of right now, I think I have a ceremonial major professor, not a good place to be. I need to meet with Frank again, as we need to discuss more secondary literature since I think one of his students recalled the books he's suggested previously.

Adam Lambert's mentioned the meaning behind Broken Open a lot lately and I'm feeling it way too much. Academic confusion compounded by boy confusion are leaving me in a place I don't normally find myself. And without someone who's willing to listen as everyone's busy right now and I can't explain everything to my parents. I hate being on the flip side. :'''(


I just needed to vent, better now. Thanks for the idea tho.

TY! I just needed to vent.
late *hugs*
Thanks, no more tears, but I thought I was gonna flip if Broken Open was discussed anymore that day.
I can empathize with the research probs. It's the same pain in the ass in every field apparently.
Glad to know that...I think.