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Thesis, Mardi Gras, RENT

I remember now why I buried myself in military and sports history as an undergrad. I've done subaltern history for the most of grad school and it's not fun, or easy. Minority history's a bitch, regardless of form, women, Haitian, Native American. If I ever apply for a PhD program, I need military history again, unless a sports history program magically appears. I've been working on my thesis for over a year and am ready for classes again. The paper is making me nuts. Editing's a bitch, have to rewrite some stuff because I can't cite it. Just trying to get the intro done. Redskins section is planned out though. Hope it' done tomorrow or this weekend.

As for this weekend, need to catch up on my SI reading, like whoa. The Swimsuit Issue is in my mail box, but I'm weeks behind. Need some basketball news, sans discussion of the UNC/Duke clusterfuck, and to read the Colts articles to console myself after last weekend. Speaking of which, Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans on Super Bowl weekend? Crazy! Saints decorations all over sparkly floats. So many floats too, but no better throws than Daphne, as many were just royalty. Brought back cups and decorating beads. And it was cold! And trips to NOLA that do not involve the French Quarter? Weird. Patrick's birthday was busy though. Lunch and cake and presents before the parade. Wish he'd felt better and I'd not been sick. So glad Mardi Gras is later next year.

As for yet another Valentine's solo? No chocolate this year. RENT debuts tomorrow at the School of Theatre and I'm going to the Sunday matinée. This could either be awesome or a train wreck, but I've stayed away from most of the productions this year, as Sean and Kyle graduated. Plus, it gives me an excuse to watch the live on Broadway DVD I have before and listen to the soundtrack for reasons that do not have anything to do with playing name that bridge. Can't wait to see the play again.


Subaltern history is definitely difficult (but important!) Kudos to you for working on it.

Good luck on your thesis revisions!
Thanks! Next project? Learn German and refresh my French before I dive back into military history. Frustrating I can't do on a dissertation level.
Minority history is tough. At least RENT will provide a good and welcome distraction. :)
History 101 question: subalterns are a British Army thing, right? And all your sports references went over my head :)
Subaltern is just fancy terminology for minority, no idea where it came from. And as for sports, after your cricket commentary, we're even. ;-)
The only context in which I've seen the word used is to describe junior officers in the British Army c. early 19th century. *wikipedias*
Oh that's how it was used in colonial times, but in post-colonial times it is used just as you said.
As for the sports commentary, are we going to have a Cold War where we spam each others Twitter feeds with sports lingo? Let's :DD
I hardly recognize myself *cries*
LOL and confuse/irritate our entire feeds?

BTW, who made your icon?
I have no idea, I must confess. I nicked it off someone for the charity drive for one of those whore out your icon things.
Ooo, me likey. Will have to go see whose it is.