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Voice Post

322K 1:43
“Hi ___ take 2 apparently I failed it actually posting voice post to my journal because last one didn't actually post yeah still await still stuck in Florida on spring break and bored out of my mind and wondering when it's actually gonna warmed up because I shouldn't have the heat on in Florida in March but hey you know apparently mother nature is kind of second intuition so yeah whatever but yeah I'm kinda bored and not quite sure how this whole thing works and hoping that you actually get a ___ for took your show 6:00am my time. Cos I don't really wanna stay awake for no reason anyway I'll stop winding and talk to you all later good night”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox


YW, blame the Singaporeans on my Twitter feed. We were talking accents last night.
Nope, no major accent, i do say y'all and hon tho.
I've tried hard to maintain a non-accent.
Nice, I thought I heard it faintly.
LOL, originally from WA state?
I'll have to try one of these sometime :) By the way does it do an automated transcript?
mine did the transcript automatically.