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The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So ask me something you want to know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.


Ok, how about what is your name? I should def know this, but apparently I don't cause nothing is coming to mind.

Can I have two questions? Where are you from? Is it Florida as your icon suggests?
I'm Kate and yeah, I live in Tallahassee, FL, but am originally from Augusta, GA.
Ok, now I feel stupid cause I totally knew the Augusta thing.

I'm going to Florida the last weekend of this month! Jacksonville actually. I'm so excited!
Have fun, have only been to Jax twice.
That answer has so many parts, but you only get two. My dad teased me with a London and Paris trip in high school. I went to Paris without him, I now need to go to London. I'd like to take the British bff with me.
Paris was gorgeous, but i need more time there. I've been in The Louvre, but hardly saw anything that wasn't the Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo.
Yeah, we did 3.5 days in Paris before heading to the Loire Valley and Nice/Monaco.
What is your LEAST favorite sport?
Good question, of the major ones, I'd say hockey. No one ever really taught me the rules.
Ironic, hockey is my favorite! I think you'd like it if you learned the rules, it's pretty much soccer on ice... but violent. Lol :)
Soccer confuses me too, but the guys are hot!