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This has been a week of interesting among the guys I've encountered. Two of them involving the same song. Tuesday was a cabbie that turned down Bedrock when it came on the radio and then was surprised when I commented on a falsehood in the lyrics, "she's watching Oyygen/he's watching ESPN". This led to a conversation about us both being UNC fans and the state of our brackets for the NCAA tourney, which is whole 'nother thing, but let's just say I'm losing and don't care. He ended up thanking me for giving him UNC NIT info, as there was a game that night. Thursday night, I was on the bus to Pensacola when a teenager asked me what Young Money song I was listening to, as he could see the graphic on my iPod. I think he was surprised to see a white lady listening to them. If only he knew... Grow up two hours from Atlanta, have interesting music tastes. Country or rap pretty much and I chose Ludacris over Alan Jackson. Still kicking myself for the Ludacris concert I missed at FAMU sophomore or junior year.

On a somewhat more positive note, yesterday's travel delay may have netted me a guy. Between Panama City and Tallahassee we broke down, and were stuck for three hours. This led to card games with ex-cons and impressing them with my Spades knowledge. They were amused that I knew how to stack books and how to not take tricks that my partner had, basic shit. Anyway, this led to me teasing a guy when he misdealt, and then he wanted me sitting by him and wanted to talk for the rest of the night. We talked school, lives, drugs, locations, family, sex, you name it. As a certain song says, I'm an open book, come one and take a look. I don't know all the skeletons, but I do know he had a son at sixteen and is thirty-six now. That'll take some thinking about, but I think I'll answer his voice mail tomorrow when I feel better. Need sleep and less hormones.
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I always did like Stand Up :)