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adam promo

Sorry if I scared anyone with my previous entry. It was mainly for bookkeeping purposes. I forget at times that people actually read my entries. However, Tyler called me worried about it and reminded me that this journal is now linked to my Twitter. That's mainly for ontd_ai and hooplamagnet identification purposes though. As for a follow up, no doctor's visits yet, but definitely feeling better. Not as many tremors.

On the school front, changed topic to monuments of World War I/Armistice Day, as I'd forgotten that half the original paper was physical monuments, not holidays. I'm going to flesh those out and add a few more. Depends on source material of cource and which holds/ILL requests I get. I need to narrow down monuments before I search articles (newspaper/magazine/journal). So far I've gotten several British books back, but reading British history with Adam fandom the way it is at the moment could get distracting. Maybe after Thursday, when he's supposed to finally arrive in London, so promo can begin. Then maybe I can read London and not get worried about shit I can't control.


Oh Lord I just saw that DDD: I'm glad to hear you're okay now.
Didn't want to scare anyone.