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adam flaunt

ITunes and Tour Drama

Being stuck on a bus for six hours with no pen to go with your notebook? Zero fun. Having a discussion from the night before swirling in your head because your dad decided 4am was a good time for an iTunes tutorial? Even less fun. And then there's the fact that the ID3 tags on his mp3s sucked, so explaining how to transfer stuff was tricky, had to move from album view to list view, not something I do much. I did empty his iPod and show him how to add files, create playlists, and add music to his iPod though. Did all this through trying to mix his classic rock love and my dance pop obsession. The discussion we had about Adam's Satisfaction? Priceless. I said I didn't believe Adam singing that anymore, and he caught it immediately. Amused to be discussing sex with dad. However, that tutorial caused me to leave town late, as even the night owl needs sleep

As for the discussion he interrupted? Adam's opening acts for tour, who incidentally posted a twit pic of themselves yesterday, but anyway. Monday night was talking about Allison and the AI connection. I'm not loving the AI marketing of his tour, which happened in Toledo at least, as I looked at the Omni site for Tyler. I want recognition for him as a solo act, not a reality show product. However, wanting Allison to not open for him, I don't get. What I did get was not wanting a nightly duet, as this is an Adam concert. An occasional duet would be okay to me, as long as it's not the encore. It needs to be a song that fits within the set, or maybe Allison singing backup on Aftermath. That would work to get it in the set, get Allison back on stage, and be good middle ground.

How is a possible duet, especially in a backup role, any worse than the prospect of Orianthi taking Monte's guitar solo on the nights she opens? Same principle to me, the opening act back on stage during Adam's set, and probably being re-introduced at that. The AI connection will be cut when that's what Adam wants. He wouldn't have Allison or Orianthi on his tour if that wasn't what he wanted, but somehow the fact that he is friends with Allison and worked with Orianthi seems to have been forgotten. However, unless rationalflake gets her question answered about tour openers, we may never know how many options he had. If it turns out Adam did do Allison a favor, then people can rightfully get upset, but she may have been pushed on him due to Kris not having a tour, as I'd think Jive would rather pair them. I don't want drama over openers though, so not worth it. Plus, if Adam really got to choose his openers that says RCA has plenty of faith in his vision for this tour, and it should be trusted, even if guests appear on stage at times.


Well, rationalflake has turned in her question, so *fingers crossed* I also asked another question about producers.
\o/ I want to settle this once and for all.