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Alexandra and the No Good Very Bad Night

Last was interesting, and not in a good way. Plans to go smoke hookah with Rachel went sideways. First, I had a partial seizure at 9:30 when she was due at my apartment at 10. Then, the Lakers game was way too close for comfort. Got a text from Tyler last saying they'd lost. This was after the hookah bar adventure. Rachel and I got to Sheesha Night, the new bar on campus that we wanted to try without cash, and their credit card machine was broken and the ATM was out of cash. We drove to Aladdin's to find it closed, so ended up at Café Shisha. We relaxed with tea, hummus, and smoking until things went sideways. Rachel was talking to an ex-coworker online, which I thought nothing of until she told me he was contemplating suicide, but wouldn't give her a location. As such, my advice as a shrink's daughter was elicited and we finally got enough info to call for help. That left us both stressed, not the intent of a night at a hookah bar. So, we came back here and mixed drinks to relax and decompress. I didn't get much reading done, but got the okay on on comps answer this morning. That makes me very happy!