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I just watched one of the hottest tour vids we've gotten, twice, and instead of being blissed out, I'm crying. So fucking stressed over comps, kind of afraid I won't pass because it's been 3-4 years since I read most of the British history stuff and that prof wants too much detail for an hour. He said ten sources minimum, well, one of my lists only has ten sources, not all of which fit the questions he asked. I've already e-mailed him once and I'm afraid to contact him again. He won't tell me which two are on the test, but I need assurances that I won't be failed over not enough sources. I'm tempted to tell him exactly what format my other profs gave me, but not sure that's a good idea. :'''/

Day After: Could I possibly have worse timing? I woke up feeling horrid. Had a bad dream and was on the verge of tears, which are now flowing after eating and a shower trying to chill and have them go away. I'm fried over comps, still have to write my answer for Frank and read for Upchurch. Am going to e-mail Upchurch after I called Chris. Going in tomorrow to get Frank to sign my form and check my answer. Think I'm calling Sara.