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Comps Update

Oops, it's been a while, didn't mean to leave the comps drama dangling. It was all resolved on the 28th. I took my comps for Grant that morning. After going to the library, came home to an e-mail saying I'd passed his comps. Hadn't heard anything about Upchurch's comps though, so I called Chris for an update. She was thoroughly surprised, as she'd found out the week before I passed and thought she'd e-mailed me. Um no... Anyway, I passed all my comps on the first try! Went out for a celebratory dinner on Monday with Rachel. Indian at Samrat and then drinks at my place after. More celebrating this weekend with the tat I promised myself if I passed, the FSU design I composed a while back. Was going to get it last weekend, but the parents came to town.

We spent the weekend sorting and packing anything I wasn't using in the next month. Mainly books and winter clothes, but some dishes as well. My etegère is basically empty and my walls are pretty bare. I'm getting kinda freaked out about moving. As of now, rather than move to Mobile, I'm moving in with Sara in Pensacola. Still looking for a job though. Have an interview here Friday and another lead. Need to redo my cover letter though before I start looking for teaching/museum jobs. Not sure what it should say to be honest, as I didn't use my old cover letter much. Anyway, still looking for a job here, as I can't figure out what large cities to look in. Ideas on best mass transit would be appreciated. I'm thinking more than Boston and DC now, even though DC is still the dream.