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Small Update

I feel like blogger fail. So much has happened recently. I'm finishing my paper and trying to find a job. Getting stuck on the Cenotaph section. Talked to the caseworker today at GA Voc Rehab to set up a more narrow search. DC and Boston are now first priority and I'm looking at the West Coast myself. Heard back from Lindsay today and I might start with Portland. As such, for now, moving to Pensacola and trying not to go crazy.

On a happier note, I finally got my tattoo, which is almost healed. I'll post pix later as the ones I floated on Twitter were bad and shiny. It's a heart in black with shading with the FS and feather logo in the center, F and feather are black, S is garnet. It's been over two weeks, but it still itches.

And a note to self: Seizure on July 18th at 2:30am.


Boy, you really are an FSU fan, aren't you? :D
two degrees and 17 years as a fan, yeah...
I'm not the best judge of pain, but it wasn't bad. It is hundreds of needle pricks though, but like finger sticks, not hypodermic needles.
I'm sure if you get a large enough piece, but not for me.
eh, nothing ibuprofen didn't take care of, have to go back tomorrow for touch up.
nah, refill where black didn't take.
idk, varies by shop.