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It's been an interesting sports week. The Lakers lost Game 5, booo! And the Braves have given up twenty runs in the last two days, ugh! However, on the upside, Greg Maddux won his 295th game, yay! Other than sports, I've been bored all week. Watched part of the Scott Peterson trial which is only three months into a five to six month trial, oy. A juror is suspected of being in appropriate and Geragos is causing too much gallows humor. This is gonna be a long trial, all for naught, in my opinion. I finished Tales from the Braves Mound by Leo Mazzone and am currently reading All She Wanted by Aphrodite Jones. The movie Boys Don't Cry was based on the Jones book. Lastly, I've been cleared to do enough walking to work for my parents, grumble. However, my pay has been increased and I'll be getting paid regularly, yay!