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adam flaunt

It's been a while, but I'm finally a graduate, as of August 7th, with a Master's of Science in History. Now the job search begins from Pensacola, both Sara and I want to go back to Tally. And I finally have a grad trip planned. Two, maybe three Adam Lambert concerts and the FSU-BYU game. Using grad money for three FSU games or I'll lose it, UF must happen.

As for moving out the day I graduated? Bad idea, forgot to empty the medicine cabinet. Also, was a crying mess the night before, ended up walking across campus from Rachel's office in Kellum, to the stadium, and then back home at 3am. So many memories and late night walks on that campus. It broke my heart to leave, which was part of the reason for the tattoo, which is healing weirdly (stretching) as part of my heart got left on that campus. Nine years is a long time for anyone, but especially when it's 18-27. As such, I'm searching carefully for jobs, not sure where I want to go. Looking at DC now.


Yay for graduating!
Congratulations on graduating!