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Ms. Waterworks

I hate hormones. Today was complete meltdown day. First, I told my mom that I need to move and not pursue a history job and look for jobs away from the Gulf Coast. I'm not qualified for teaching or museum work and until I know how to get around that, I'm stuck. I'm talking to Crystal at Voc Rehab tomorrow to restructure my resumé. Second meltdown was trivial, but still hurt. Folding laundry that was being unpacked, I discovered two shirts missing, weirdly, they're two shirts Sara has duplicates of, but anyway, they're ones I like to go out in. Going to Daphne this weekend to drop off the apartment key and try to find them. Also forgot that a polo had been hung in my closet instead of folded. So many clothes. I hope I find the shirts.

Oh and on a semi-random note, having a roommate is weird. Having a roommate I feel compelled to spend time with is weirder. We've been watching lots of random tv since I haven't watched much tv in ages, and my shows are on hiatus. It's taking some adjusting, but I don't know how it'll work out in the long run.



I hope things work out for you bb.
Thanks, I hope so.
*HUGS TIGHT* If it helps at all, I have faith in your ability to figure out a situation you can be happy in ♥

Hope you find the shirts, too. My mother has a distressing tendency to hide things of mine she doesn't like. Unfortunately we have opposite tastes. I love her but she drives my OCD tendencies mental.

I've never had a proper roommate, and I imagine it would be weird to have one if you're not used to it. At least TV-watching is a mostly safe, socially acceptable roomie activity? Hope you both find common ground soon.
Yeah, I haven't worn either shirt in a while, so it could definitely be in Daphne. As for roomies, I've had them before, but it's been years since I felt compelled to spend time with them.