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glam nation 1


It's been a while, but I'm still job/volunteer position hunting. Contacted Historic Pensacola and hopefully will go by there this week about volunteering to get museum experience and out of the house time. Finally finished my cover letter and have begun my community college job search, anywhere and everywhere. I need to get out of the South, but to where? No idea.

As for Labor Day, it was crazy. Went to my parents' house on Thursday and Katherine was already there. Greer arrived that night and then Patrick, Jimmy, Sophie, and Jake arrived the next day. Three nights on the study sofa meant little sleep and shoddy internet meant no way to kill time. Delicious food and plenty of shopping (mostly for concert clothes) plus a surprise visit from Doug's med school friends was fun. This after Sara and I went to Baumhauer's to watch the Samford-FSU game. However, the weekend was exhausting and I'm germy.