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glam nation 1

Bourbon St.

As I'm skipping sightseeing in New Orleans, here's why. First off, I live three hours from here and have done a lot of the touristy stuff before. Plus, cab fare from my location to the French Quarter is expensive. Additionally, two nights out in New Orleans is a bit much. Let's start with last night. After the concert, I found the barricades, but there were people in three locations, and I chose wrong. As such, I saw his head, but never got close enough to get a signature, and my camera was out of memory. After that, where I met some of my Twitter feed (littlefanling, ayaneva, mistresscurvy), Meredith and I headed to Bourbon St. We met up with Kendra, Rachel, Sarah, Carolina and Earleen. After food and drinks (Handgrenade!), we went to Bourbon Parade, where Adam was in VIP. That was crazy people watching, and I couldn't see anyone except the mohawked guys he commented on at the concert. The second time watching VIP, I actually saw Adam, briefly. And damn he looked good, but it was fun.

Later we went to the official afterparty at Oz. They had the FYE vid playing and then we went to the dancefloor with WWFM remix playing and Adam was there dancing!!! He tried to dance in front of the crowd that gathered, which by that time, I think IIHY might have started. Not sure, that might've been after. Anyway, fun on the dancefloor at Oz. However, after a night of following Adam around, I'm still reeling. Especially with the end to the evening. Second trip to Bourbon St that has ended in a friend talking to police after a medical emergency.

And that's not considering my own fun. No time for dinner, so had to grab chips and water instead of merch. Then, I left the group briefly because I had a partial seizure, but am mainly tired today, was fine last night. No harm done!

As crazy as Sunday was, Saturday was low key. Met up with Ilana, Rachel, Nuri, Sarah, and Rachel after getting in town. We went to Mimi's in Marigny, great tapas restaurant. Salads, cheeses, potatoes, fabulous! Chilled there until we went to Bourbon St. Went to the Cat's Meow, my first time on a balcony there, very cool. Only problem was my flats so totally didn't work, but shoe fail? Not new.


Glad you're okay.

The FYE video is so hot. Sounds like the club was fun. I'm surprised Adam was there. Doesn't he have to travel with a lot of security?
He was in VIP, but was on the dance floor alone.

Alone? No hot guy to dance with him? Poor Adam.
LOL, girls and guys in the crowd. I meant security. ;-)