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glam nation 2


I think my brain is recovered enough from the epic to compose a coherent blog. First, thanks to a fan gifting me a ticket to Symphony Hall, I was able to go to both performances. And while I didn't have the awesome seat of the Tabernacle, it was a seated show with it's high points. I was taking video requests and people wanted Soaked, so I have my own copy of possibly the best Soaked all summer. So quiet during the a capella section. The other highlight was Sleepwalker, so emotional, reminded me why I started saving to see him to begin with. My other videos are Fever and Sure Fire Winners again. Intended to have TCB be my only vid at the Tabernacle, but Adam had other plans. Symphony Hall was the best acoustics I heard though. And it was great to share the experience with another fan. Went to the barricades after, but we missed Adam, only saw Monte and Tommy. I did, however, get the blue A t-shirt after having to skip merch in NOLA.

As for the epic of the Tabernacle, that started with adventures in downtown Atlanta, couldn't find Luckie Street. Anyway, was in line off and on from 9:30. Food breaks and such, but mostly chilling with fans, some friends from NOLA, some new. After having overheard the entrance instructions, I managed to get fourth row on the floor, one person from center. At the end of the show, I was very glad for that one person. Also, I was thrilled to have a GA show, which is a much better way to see the show and take in all rgw chaos on stage.

I skipped videoing, sort of, the craziness of TCB meant that I turned on the camera, but forgot to press record, fortunately, I realized quickly, but dreadlocks are distracting! As this was LP's final night he got a kickass drum solo during IIHY, and came dow to hug Adam. Then, the band and Adam came out for the encore in dreadlock wigs, and Adam in black lipstick, which was highlighted when he did some snake-like motion with his tongue! Crazy! Anyway, after visually epic TCB, we got aurally epic WLL. I was psyched to get WLL at all, but we got a verse or so of reggae, which was hilarious. Then we got the regular acoustic version, very hot. Literally. Longest encore all summer I think. After the encore ended, LP dove into the crowd, but landed a row over from me. So glad about that. Didn't want to drop him.

Adam skipped his Sleepwalker coat and disrobed after Strut, so it must've been hot as hell on stage. Plus, he made a comment about it in his banter. As a Georgia native, I wasn't surprised at all, but wore jeans anyway, as sitting all day in a skirt? No thanks. And my shorts aren't glam enough. Khakis at an Adam concert? Nope.

Forgot to add the barricades. I finally got to see Adam up close and get a signature. I thanked him for the awesome encore without fumbling my words. A small miracle. I also have a few decent barricade pix, but not many. So need a new camera before next tour. This was an exhausting, but very rewarding trip, even with getting lost on the way home, with a dead phone. Not my smartest move, but totally worth it.


I was hoping for WLL on Tuesday night, but he just did TCB. I like it, but it's not WLL.

You lucky people getting the acoustic version. I don't know if I could've handled that. My panties would've melted off. :D
It was amazing!!!

Stop making me jealous. :P
Sorry, still floating, and trying to find the best vids.