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Job search from Hell

Ugh, my Master's degree may be a gigantic waste of time. Not only can I not find a job, I'm trapped in a house so far from my volunteer opportunity as to potentially make it not feasible. I contacted the people at the historical district downtown, and I can work with the archivist, but it's two buses and a twenty minute walk from the nearest stop. So much that could go wrong. However, it's a $20 cab ride one way, which is at least $80 a week, as I'm not only volunteering once a week, that's no good for my resumé or my sanity. I need museum experience so that I'm not only looking for teaching jobs. I am still looking for anything I can get at FSU or in Tallahassee because I would kill to go back. At least there I wouldn't feel trapped. I need to revisit my CareerBuilder searches and revise my PeopleFirst search to full-time jobs. As I'm now going stir crazy enough to want any job in a city not on the Gulf Coast, unless a job in NOLA appeared.

I like my alone time, but not having a car leaves me feeling trapped often enough. Like this weekend when Sara was at her aunt's house, my parents were in Auburn, and I was stuck here with the cat who hasn't figured out that my room is off limits. This means that the door is closed 24/7, which makes me feel even more trapped. I mentioned this to Sara as I want a way to keep her out and leave the door open, even if I have to get a fucking baby gate or some shit. I really don't want to have to move to Daphne, but I may have to if volunteering doesn't work out. Oh, and my parents should be congratulated on both succeeding in making me cry about my job situation this week. They just don't get it. I'm desperate enough to use an address that's not mine to make getting a job easier.


*hugs tight* I totally know what you mean about feeling trapped. I'm still having a tough time getting a job, but fortunately my parents have given me enough money to move out of my aunt's house. I really hope you find a way to get the experience you're looking for and find a better situation for yourself. But jsyk, if you ever need to rant or whatever, my door's always open ♥
I know and I love you and my feed for that, but I was legit crying typing this.

you're not alone ♥
I know, just extra frustrated.
Yeah, that's the least of it.

It's a rough, rough job market out there. Just know you're not alone. *reminds self to take own advice.
Yeah, I'm trying to be patient.
bb :( *hugs* You will get a job soon, I know it.
I hope so.
*hugs* Best of luck on the job search! I really hope the economy picks up soon.
Thanks, I hope so, hardly any juco jobs available.