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Bionic Thoughts

Lots of bus time this weekend resulted in my listening to lots of music and contemplating reworking the latest Christina Aguilera album. The main album has eighteen tracks and there are six bonus tracks, including the iTunes track. This is overkill. First off, I'd scrap the three intro tracks, even though Max is adorable, but we have evidence of that elsewhere. Also, I'd scrap I Am and used the stripped version that's a bonus track and substitute Stronger Than Ever for All I Need. Yes, I realize that's two of three Sia tracks, but the four ballads in a row were too much, and Stronger Than Ever has a more Fighter like tempo than the Beautiful tempo of the others.

As for uptempo stuff, I'd remove Glam and Elastic Love and sub in Birds of Prey. Despite all the bitching, I really like her uptempo stuff here, especially Prima Donna and Vanity, which allows for the Max cuteness at the end of the diva rant. That makes for a 20 song total as I'd make All I Need, Glam and Elastic Love bonus tracks. Also, fourteen songs for the main album is more reasonable, IMO.

Other thoughts, in the wake of the divorce announcement, Not Myself Tonight as a single makes more sense and I Hate Boys has a place on the album, short and whiny though it may be. I still wonder who Bobblehead was aimed at, and in the absence of an answer, I'll continue to picture Britney. Finally, I love My Girls, but it seems more like a bonus track, but dropping it makes seven bonus tracks which is too many. That's just my gut reactions after having been asked the question. Still not sure what the new track order would be.


IA about Birds of Prey, although I still have to listen to the whole album so I don't have a whole lot of opinions. But that song is ace.
You should listen to it, mine is just one opinion.