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This past weekend was the BC game, which was a way hectic trip. Sara decided she didn't want to go, so I got a bus to Tallahassee on Friday and stayed with Rachel. Unfortunately, I got in town too late to meet up with Thomas, as the cab didn't arrive until 2am. That made me wish I'd gotten in town earlier and hadn't had to eat when I got in. I had to order Jimmy John's though because the bus didn't stop for food. I really wanted to see Thomas though because I've been thinking about him since he contacted me when I was in town for BYU. That was random because last time we talked he had a girlfriend. They broke up right after I moved I think. Anyway, went to sleep only to be awoken by Rachel having lost her keys. Went back to sleep for a few hours before getting up for the game.

I got ready and left for breakfast before the game, went to Jennie's before the game only to find it slammed. Got done at 11:30 and headed to the stadium. Walking across campus I almost broke down in tears. I need to move back, as staying in Pensacola isn't an option much longer. My lack of independence is making me crazy. I got to the stadium in time for kickoff. As for the game, much closer than I wanted. Down 6-0 early, then up 7-6 and 14-6 at half. At this point, I was sunburnt, and am paying for it now. The second half was a nightmare of turnovers, we ended up down 19-17 before finally scoring to win. After the Miami win, it seemed the team was coasting. Not cool. I had to charge my phone and finish packing before I caught my bus to end my whirlwind trip. Next game I'll be at is Clemson, after my bday. And hopefully get to meet up with Thomas then.