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It's been a while, but I should update. Spent this week planning my next trip to Tallahassee. My parents, Sara and I are going to the Clemson game next weekend, much like the trip to NOLA, more later. I had to buy tickets and get a hotel room for Saturday, as it's an 8pm game, fucking finally, but they're a lot more work when I don't live there. Still debating Friday trip with Sara after my birthday, as I want to job hunt in person in Tallahassee and maybe finally get together with Thomas. Am still completely floored he contacted me after the BYU game, but wasn't able to see him in October. I texted him this past weekend as I so wanted to be in Tally for Halloween.

Seville was crazy, especially after hunting down my pants and making Nikki's outfit. Not many guys willing to dance, and honestly, God Bless America is not what I need with my Halloween. Additionally, my shoes gave my a blister and wouldn't stay on through the crowds. We finally went to Hopjacks to get away from the chaos, but beer-centered bars? Not my thing. That was Saturday, on Sunday, Sara and I went to see Rocky Horror. First time I've ever worn a corset, much less in public. It was cool though, finally got to see what all the chaos was about in '08 when I tried to see it when Kyle was doing costumes and couldn't get in. I need to watch the movie this weekend, or make Daddy burn it for me. It's totally crazy, but fun at the same time, and some great music. And excellent costumes, both cast and crowd.