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Family Time

I've never seen my parents as much as I have this month. Kinda glad I'm spending Thanksgiving in Tallahassee. However, I also saw Emily twice this month, which is very seldom the case. Got my birthday present from her this weekend. I now have $63 in iTunes credit. Need ideas on how to spend it. I have a few ideas, but not many. I may be spending it on Christmas though, along with Amazon credit. Other than that, I got money, Japanese dinner and cupcakes on my birthday, and bought myself Samrat when I got to Tally. Didn't get to meet up with Thomas though. :-( The Clemson game was kickass though, close game with a last second field goal to win. It was cold though, and thinking about boots for the Florida game, as it'll be over after dark.

This weekend was low key, unexpected viewing of HP 7.1 though. It was good, but I have no idea how much of book 7 it actually covered. We also went and got free frappacinos yesterday, as Starbucks had the holiday drinks bogo all weekend. Saturday night was epic Trivial Pursuit after the football game, but we lost due to our in ability to land in the middle for like 4 turns. :-/ Next weekend/this week will be jam-packed. Need time in Tally though, want a job there.

ETA: Seizure at 4am on the 21st.