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Tally Part 1

After a weekend in Tally that was both chaotic and chill, I'm exhausted. Wednesday night I went straight to Aladdin's with Rachel to meet up with Tyler. I've talked to him nearly every day recently, but hadn't seen him in two years. It was great to see him and meet Tim and Lisa. The only snag was discovering that my mattress wasn't self-inflating, so I slept on the floor at Rachel's. Thursday was my first Thanksgiving without my family, by choice. Tally is dead on Thursday, note to self for future. Drove around with Rachel looking for food, ended up at Wal-Mart *cringe*, but got chicken and veggies and a pump for the airbed. Couldn't believe I forgot/didn't know about the pump. I spent the afternoon while Rachel was working looking for internet access. Got to Starbucks right before close, so I walked to campus. Thank goodness for a laptop with decent battery as plugs were hard to come by until I found Bellamy unlocked. Chilled there until about five when Tyler and I made plans for Burlesque.

Met Rachel in the AMC lobby after a miscommunication about drinks at Chili's. The movie was great, but very typical musical rags to riches. I wish the soundtrack had more songs than it does, but I think the plot point about the other dancers lip-synching justified that. That plot point totally made me cringe and think of Idol too. Also, Cam Gigandet is gorgeous! And Christina in surround sound? Amazing! The sets and music remind me of Chicago. I wish they'd picked a different matriarch though to balance the soundtrack. Tyler and Rachel and I want to see it again. After that we went to Aladdin's to smoke because drinking in a dead town is no fun.