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Tally Part 2

Friday was long, as I met Tyler at Aladdin's after lunch with Rachel. Needed internet and chill time. We hung out with Lisa doing homework (editing is much easier in person), and being useless, didn't even see my resume on my laptop until late Friday. Dinner was at Samrat, never has the food been so good, garlic and cheese naan, samosas, and lamb tikka masala. Rain and cold canceled our clubbing plans in favor of hookah and drinking at Lisa's. It was cool minus the end of the Boise St game. I should've taken a Jager bomb though. Would've made the sex discussions more fun. However, I wish we could've gone out, as I kinda wanted boy time. The night ended late as even with the pump, my being on the airbed woke Rachel up, again.

Saturday morning came too soon and cold. Wanted to stay in bed rather than be crazy drunks. However, tequila, vodka, pizza and chips won out, along with lots of pictures. I was more buzzed than I intended, but everyone else was happy. As such, I remember the pre-game craziness of pictures by the drum and Tyler getting a Gator to do the tomahawk chop. Also, having to meet up in the student section because they crossed the stands faster than I could. The first half is kind of a blur due to the aforementioned alcohol. I do remember the spear being handed to a presumably actual Seminole for the planting, and the Senior Day festivities. We scored first, but Florida went up 7-3 before we ran off 28 unanswered points. The second half was slow except for the anticipation. I laughed when the board was asking for more crowd noise and we were cheering non-stop. Tyler and Rachel and I were thrilled to be back together for the win, many high fives and much commentary. Tyler and I forgot to get a picture of just us in the stadium though, would've been fun for music fandom purposes. And Tyler, Rachel and Lisa left early to get in position to rush the field if they allowed it. So not my thing, but I loved the fireworks and the Maryland-NC State game finally being on the jumbotron after a game of passing the score among fans. That game wasn't over until Sara and I were half way to the car with Maryland's win giving us the ACC Atlantic title. We play Va Tech on Saturday, wish I could be there.

After we got back to the car, warchanting and singing the end of the fight song along the way, Tyler, Rachel, and Lisa were waiting. We then waited quite a while to get to dinner due to traffic and needing to retrieve my forgotten phone and Tyler's charger. However, hibachi was fabulous, chicken this time after shrimp at my birthday, and a great chef. We were so full that many wanted to sleep. I went to Rachel's and packed my stuff to move to Brooke's then Sara took me to Aladdin's because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Tyler. We just chilled and talked, even found out Lisa's an Adam fan when Dust in the Wind came on the radio. She wanted to go to a concert, but didn't think her boyfriend would like it. I told her about my grad trip. Great final evening. Ended without tears being shed in front of Tyler.

The next day I woke up to a note saying Sara was with her boy. When she came back we grabbed lunch and discovered I need to order a score shirt. There were only XLs at Bill's and a XXXL at Garnet and Gold. I'm going to order from Garnet and Gold though because they have gray and the white is damn near see-through. This was a great trip, but I need a job, so I can either move back or visit more.


Congrats to FSU! I was rooting for them. I think they'll beat the Hokies, too.
I figured most SEC fans would be happy!