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Family Rant

Just got back from Daphne and Birmingham. My mother never learns. Do not try to buy shoes for me without my feet there. She did get me a gift certificate to Old Navy, as I needed skinny jeans before I tried on boots (flashback to riding boots and jodhpurs). I decided to have her return the boots and I got a check to get the ones I wanted. Also, got a Victoria's Secret card from grandma, the jeans and boots were also from them via my parents. As for visiting with Granny and Grandpa, I miss Granny, but Grandpa is much better sedated, even if he's sick. He's also ninety, so doing as well as can be expected. Not sure when I'll see them again since Charles and fiancee showed up. I got my graduation gift from him and thus have more money for Atlanta. Mom keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I keep telling her help with my New Year's trip, but she's so into tangible stuff (see boots that don't fit) that it ruins my holiday. I don't care if I have less to open, really, I'm 28, not 8. I need to get Daddy to convey that to her while I figure out what to buy she who likes surprises. In addition to mom buying presents for me, I hate buying presents for her. It's impossible.

On the more ranting about mom, I think she bought my boots also because she doesn't trust me to be stylish. Even after I got yet another haircut and tried to find a workable style, my whole family still wants it straight. To the point of chemically straightening it. No, absolutely not. I don't even reliably cover gray, fuck straightening. I told Jeremy I don't really style it, so we tried working with waves. Now I want a diffuser. I like my hair wavy, and I don't care if they don't get it. Not sure when I'll get it cut next, but if Em and Mom bitch anymore I will absolutely lose it.

Also to add to family drama, the job hunt is going nowhere fast. I had an interview, but they left me feeling as if I was overqualified, which I am, but I have no choice. Can't get a teaching job and museum jobs are scarce. Plus, I'm still looking for jobs in Tallahassee and dying to move, either there or somewhere. My parents don't get that while I do understand there are money constraints, my money constraints are different than theirs or even Emily's. Plus, I don't think they'll ever understand how highly I value independent living. I don't like roommates, much less clingy roommates, and Sara gets very clingy. Anyway, didn't mean to go there, but it's been a rough week.



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