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war paint

Currently chillin' in Atlanta while Bryan trades stocks. Went to the Chick Fil-A Bowl on Friday, love live football, but not the best game. Ponder was injured, so EJ Manuel played most of the game. Additionally, four turnovers in the first half should've yielded more than two field goals. One touchdown in each half made for a long game. 26-17 win over South Carolina giving us our first ten win season in a while. Still work to do, need to actually win an ACC title. However, this season will secure Jimbo's future for a while. Can't wait for the Garnet and Gold Game in April, hopefully I have a job by then. Don't want to be broke anymore.

The rest of the weekend has been just as low key as Christmas was. No extended family makes my life much simpler. I didn't get much stuff for Christmas because of my trip. I got the new Ann Rule book, an Asian food cookbook, and an Italian charm bracelet. The last gift was freaky because I'd told my mother and sister I wanted one right before I opened it, when Katherine arrived. She put several charms on it, from a French flag to Mardi Gras to sports.

The Lakers charm created an interesting situation as I went to New Orleans last week, but couldn't get tickets to the Lakers-Hornets game. I want to try to get tickets to the February game. The rest of that day trip was a trip to Café du Monde and St. Louis Cathedral and Bourbon Street, which is way slimy under the light of day. I also pointed out the Payless to Sara and she was able to find the shoes she wanted in her size. Turns out NOLA is a good place to search for large shoes, but I'm not that surprised. And in the most random trip to the Garden District ever, we found both Real World New Orleans houses (one is actually Uptown). Also, I was way amused in the Garden District Bookshop when I saw an Adam tour shirt on a patron. The New Orleans history book I want is insanely expensive though. I'll get it eventually.