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National Anthem Flub

I've been tossing this entry around in my head for a week. I was so looking forward to the Super Bowl because Christina Aguilera was going to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Imagine my surprise when she flubbed the lyrics, which I couldn't tell what lyrics at the time, but kept going and finished the song without any further gaffes. As I couldn't tell what lyrics, despite having heard the anthem less than twenty-four hours before, I was surprised when the public reacted the way it did. I heard everything from unpatriotic to uncaring to she should've rehearsed more. Honestly, having seen the rehearsal footage that TMZ posted on Tuesday, I think, she did rehearse and it sounded better than the eventual performance. As to the other charges, some people seem to think it was a bigger gaffe to flub the anthem than say to flub your own lyrics on a similar stage (Grammys, AMAs, etc). However, as not everyone, including all of the people I sat with, could name the lyrics that were flubbed (O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?), I didn't get the deal. Shit happens, occasionally on sports' biggest stage with a song most of us learned in kindergarten. Maybe it's my feelings about the song at sporting events or my politics or my friends, but I don't salute or sing anymore. And honestly, I prefer instrumental renditions, more often in tune. I just hate hearing my favorite artists reamed for mistakes. Especially when they've had a less than stellar year already. Flubbing the lyrics and quickly covering is an honest mistake that shouldn't be taken as unpatriotic or uncaring. After the lyrical flubs I heard this summer, this was flawless. Trust me.


I'm pretty patriotic, so it did bug me that she messed up the lyrics. I'm not a fan of hers period though, but she just made a mistake. She (like everyone else) is human. Honestly I was more annoyed that they cut a whole verse out of the song Lea Michelle sang. I don;t think that was her, but it made no sense to me as to why they cut it out.

What bothered me was that she didn't sound good period. She over sang it and her voice was so wavery. I don't know what to call it, but I'm not a fan when singers do that.

I didn't notice the Lea Michele edit, maybe they told her it must be x length. And yeah, that wasn't Christina's best, which is weird b/c her rehearsal was better, through a camera phone.

Edited at 2011-02-12 10:35 pm (UTC)


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