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adam smoke


When you spend the morning after the Grammys looking for school pictures of the night's big winners, things have gotten surreal. The front man of said band, Lady Antebellum, teased me all of fourth grade and played Battle of the Bands in our high school gym. I went to school with the keyboardist too, but don't really know him. I did miss their performance though, as Daddy decided to wait until the show started to come get me, missed everything from Bieber/Usher to right before Eminem. And not missing Love The Way You Lie Part 2 was the goal. He also performed I Need A Doctor with Dr. Dre, first time together since Guilty Conscience, I think. Now I just want the uncensored version. *glares at youtube*

As for why I watched like 5 hours of Grammy coverage, including the pre-show? Yeah Best Male Pop Vocal isn't worthy of TV. And while I didn't think Adam Lambert would win, I still wanted to see it announced. He didn't, Bruno Mars did, eh, I like his collabs better than his solo stuff. I watched enough red carpet to be thoroughly confused by Gaga and Nicki Minaj, but did see some stuff I liked, such as JLo's dress and Adam's outfit, wasn't expecting exposed chest, but yeah...the suit was awesome and so was the jewelry. Rhianna's was interesting as I saw the runway version, on a totally different model, a guy. Fandom is strange and wonderful.


Adam looked smoking hot. Loved the boots. The Elvis hair. The jewelry. The unbuttoned shirt.

Total UNF.


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